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Neuroscience Entrepreneurship

1. Epilepsia CD-ROM (1997), creator

The Epilepsia CD-ROM was a multimedia platform for teaching of epilepsy. The target audience was medical residents, but also medical students.

The contents included videos of several types of seizures, EEG tracings, the history of epilepsy and even brain mapping sessions that I had performed using electrical stimuli delivered to the cortex through surgically-implanted electrode grids.

For the work on this product I was awarded an internship at Microsoft in Buenos Aires, where I created the foundations for Fornix's EMR platform. I was a second-year medical student at the time.

The Epilepsia CD-ROM was mentored by Prof. José Valdeni de Lima and sponsored by Novartis.


2. FastED App, co-developer

The FAST-ED app was a collaborative effort led by Dr. Raul Nogueira from Grady's Marcus Stroke Center, in Atlanta. The app was developed to allow first-responders to easily rank stroke cases, find the closest and most suitable stroke center for that specific case and trace the fastest route there, so the patient would make most advantage of an early treatment.  The work is documented here.

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