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Digital Health Entrepreneurship

1. Medicinal (1999-2002), co-founder

Medicinal was the first webportal to answer medical questions from patients in Brazil. Questions were publicly posted to a community of medical students and medical residents who answered the questions. The portal was acquired by the Medical Association of Rio Grande do Sul State and discontinued after impacting over 100,000 people. 


2. Fornix (2002-2015), founder

Fornix is an arched structure of the limbic system in the brain, but was also the name of one of the first EMR systems in Brazil that were fully deployed on the cloud at a time a cloud was just a fluffy thing in the sky.


3. Medicinia (2012-), founder

Medicinia is a Patient Experience and Digital Therapeutics company that develops digital platforms in partnership with pharmaceutical companies, including Novartis, Horizon and others. Visit


4. DrChat (2019-2023), founder

DrChat was a pioneering online medical visits platform for the Brazilian market, which allowed doctors to continue to follow their patients during the Covid19 pandemic. 


5. Ponto.Care (2020-), co-founder & head of technology

Ponto Care propels the efficacy of virtual healthcare, which has become essential in the post-COVID-19 environment. Ponto's Exam Delivery System enables qualified professionals to safely conduct advanced exams in the comfort of a patient's home or workplace. The patient's chosen doctor analyzes the exam data collected by Ponto Care to provide virtual care without sacrificing quality. Visit

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